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CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Small Grant Application

CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Small Grant

CARRA-Arthritis Foundation Small Grant (up to $25,000)
This opportunity is available to support projects in development. The research project can be a pilot, continuation of ongoing research, or other clinical or translational research project that furthers the CARRA mission. Preference will be given to research that is collaborative in nature, which leverage current CARRA network resources and/or will further develop the CARRA network. CARRA has two small grant submission cycles per year and there is no pre-specified number of grants available. Applications are due February 16, 2019.
  • The funding limit of each grant is $25,000.
  • This is a total costs award. If indirects are requested, they must be inclusive of the maximum funding amount of $25,000. Indirects may not exceed 8%.
  • A given investigator can only apply for one large or small grant per year.
  • There will be two rounds per year. The submission deadlines are October 1 and February 15.
  • The project period is one year beginning July 1, 2019.
  • A final progress report is required no later than 45 days after the project period end date.
  • Awardees are expected to submit an abstract and attend the CARRA Annual Meeting until project is complete/final results are presented.
  • If the project is not completed within the project period, the award recipient may request a no-cost extension (NCE) for up to 12 months. Recipient must submit a No-Cost Extension Request Form no more than 90 days prior, and no less than 30 days prior, to the project period end date and include a satisfactory plan for completion. An interim progress report is required as part of the no-cost extension request.
  • If the PI is unable to complete the project, any unexpended balance must be returned to CARRA.
  • This funding mechanism is not intended for projects that are already eligible/appropriate for extramural funding.
  • Funds will be provided to the awardee as an unrestricted grant provided as a lump sum to a sundry account used by the PI according to the project budget.
Application Instructions
Complete the online application. Use of the templates provided on the CARRA website is REQUIRED. Submission deadline is February 16, 2019. Applications should include:
  • Project Summary/Abstract (300 word limit)
  • Lay Summary (150 word limit)
  • Specific Aims (1 page)
  • Research Plan (3 page limit)
  • References (no page limit)
  • Budget Table (limit 1 page)
  • Budget Justification (no page limit)
  • NIH-formatted Biosketches for PI(s) and Co-I(s) (5 page limit per biosketch)
  • Letters of support
    • Required for budgets that include investigator salary support (include letter from division chief or other supervisor documenting that % effort is available, and confirming investigator salary).
    • Letters of support from collaborators, mentors and institution are highly recommended.
  • Research Assurances
  • Appendix
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